Courses’ Coordinators

Course Coordinator
1st Semester
Life at the cellular level:principles of cell and molecular biology Z. Lygerou
Principles of Pathophysiology and Therapeutics E. Papadaki-Petrou, S. Topouzis
Introduction to Programming C. Makris
Mathematics and Tools for biomedical data analysis I G. Kalosakas, S. Nikoletseas
Principles of Statistics & Data Analysis G. Androulakis
Seminar Series Ι S. Taraviras
2nd Semester
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and applications C. Makris
Mathematics and Tools for biomedical data analysis II E. Gallopoulos, S. Nikoletseas
Introduction to Biomedical Database design, implementation and information retrieval S. Mavroudi
Seminar Series ΙI S. Taraviras
Bioinformatics I I. Zarkadis, Z. Lygerou
Genes and Genomes Z. Lygerou
Medical Informatics I C. Kalogeropoulou, P. Zampakis
Health systems management and principles of medical practice A. Spyridonidis, C. Kalogeropoulou
3rd Semester
Big Data Retrieval and processing V. Megalooikonomou
Transferable Skills S. Topouzis
Bioinformatics II S. Mavroudi, M. Klapa
Medical Informatics II D. Lymperopoulos